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At Trash Dogs Media, our philosophy is simple: Use technology to make book publishing better.

It starts with submissions. Every query is read by a real person, but the process is managed by a powerful electronic database, so you’ll hear back in days, not months.

Once we accept a book, we produce it digitally, doing all the coding in house. Then, through our global distribution partner, we sell it around the world through iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and lots of other retailers.

We also leverage massive marketing outlets like BookBub. And our growing network of bloggers. They don’t take every book, but they take most of them, and we’re working hard to keep it that way.

It takes a lot of people to help a book succeed. Editors, artists, coders, bloggers, and (of course) legions of readers. So, whoever you are, thanks for being part of the team.

Our Catalog Submissions


Erin Michelle Sky

CEO, Senior Editor & Head of Production (MBA | JD)

An attorney and MBA, Erin has more than 15 years of experience in publishing, marketing, and business management. Past projects include BellSouth’s Yellow Pages and the Emory Law Journal. She has written ad and marketing copy for companies of all sizes, from patented tech startup to Bill.com. Today, she treats every one of Trash Dogs Media’s fantasy and science fiction novels with the same passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail.

In her personal life, Erin enjoys hiking, interacting with animals of all kinds, and (of course) reading.

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black and white puppy wearing birthday hat

“Why Trash Dogs? Because our dogs love getting into the trash.”

Steven Brown

Developmental editor & Head of Acquisitions


Steven has been telling stories for as long as he can remember, starting by entertaining his younger brothers. Realizing he had a dedicated troupe at his disposal, he opened his own production company at the age of ten, putting on backyard plays that included sword fights, special effects, and even real horses. He sold tickets to the neighborhood kids to fund future productions.

Since then, he’s written seven books of his own and developed countless others. He loves working with authors to hone their stories, preparing them for the global market reach of the 21st century.

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